a space invaders clone

This, er, game was originally meant to be a submission to the "256 byte space invaders competition", but after coding for a while, I realized that I would not be able to fit all the features I wanted into 256 bytes.

I didn't want to start removing things (the graphics or the movement scheme could have been made simpler for example), so I just got bored of it and quit.

A few months later, I decided to finish the game, even if it wouldn't fit in 256 bytes. The game ended up being 287 bytes. I guess that is no problem, since most people have more RAM than that nowadays. :-)

It's written for DOS for size reasons, but it runs fine in a DOS box in Windows.

See the instructions for full information.


The game comes bundled together with the instructions as a plain text file and the source code. The source code is for the NASM assembler.

Download (6 kB)