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Euclid Geomorph - my game for Ludum Dare 35

Meet Euclid Geomorph, an ordinary geometric figure trying to get by in a stressful world. Some say he is square. Other know his rounded personality (he is an excellent jumper). Few know that he can be sharp and destructive. In this mood, he can smash and destroy anything not made of metal.


Unintended acceleration - my game for Ludum Dare 34

Oh no! The accelerator on my car is stuck! I can only control it by turning.

I can choose whether I'll just make the car stop and save myself, or I can choose to finish my job of collecting 40 orange cones. One small success, or a huge accomplishment!


The Path of Least Resentment - my game for Ludum Dare 32

I made this game for the Ludum Dare 32 competition: The Path of Least Resentment.


Virtual reality tricks: Asynchronous timewarp and late latching

Me trying out the Sixense STEM

Last week's Game Developers Conference was very much about VR. It looks like the timing of our new startup Resolution Games is perfect.


Why I switched from Sublime to Vim

I have been looking for the perfect text editor for quite some time.

I've been pretty happy with Sublime for a few years, but it's not free/open source and doesn't work over ssh.


Book review: The ZX Spectrum ULA: How to Design a Microcomputer

Chris Smith: The ZX Spectrum ULA: How to design a Microcomputer

This book was my summer reading.


Joining Dramatify

So, I'm in a startup again.


Does anyone use RSS/Atom?

Are you reading this in a feed reader? Maybe you're the only one.


Variable scope in list comprehension vs. generator expression

Class diagrams as notes to self

Configure Lenovo Thinkpad X240 trackpad in Linux Mint

Avoid pull/merge mess in Git

Arduino + motor + solenoid + piezo = music

Not one of those posts

Initializr cleanup