My game for ZX Spectrum 48 for Ludum Dare 48

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 27 April 2021

I made a game for ZX Spectrum 48 for the Ludum Dare 48 competition: Crown of the Mountain King.

The rules of Ludum Dare is that you have 48 hours to create a game on a given theme. This time the theme was "Deeper and deeper", which fits perfectly for the "cave flyer" genre that I love too much. But since this was the 48th Ludum Dare competition, I wanted to celebrate the first computer I owned, the ZX Spectrum 48. So I created this game for that good old computer.

See the web page for the game to play it in a web-based emulator, or download it to play it on the real computer.

I recorded a timelapse while I was making the game:

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