Legally Dead - my game for Ludum Dare 45

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 8 October 2019

I made this game for the Ludum Dare 45 competition: Legally Dead.

The rules of Ludum Dare is that you have 48 hours to create a game on a given theme. This time the theme was "Start with nothing". So I thought that in this game you start with no memory of who you are and what you are supposed to do. Which is a great excuse to make a cave flying game!

Technical information

I wrote a post about what tech I used for creating the game. In short: Rust, ggez, VS Code, Blender, Travis CI, FL Studio.


I didn't take time to promote the game, so I didn't get the required 20 votes to get a placement, but I was pretty happy with the game, simple as it is. I got the physics right for a cave flyer game I think.

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