Joining Dramatify

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 4 September 2014

So, I'm in a startup again.

I've joined the team behind Dramatify, an online collaboration and administering tool for film and TV productions. The product is in beta. It has active users, and is almost ready for public launch, so it's a bit different from the other startups I've joined earlier where the product were less mature.

After I left Goo Technologies, I've had a contracting gig at Load Impact, working on the web site for their cloud-based load testing service. Meanwhile, I've been approached by several people with startup ideas. I like startups, and wish I had the time to work on almost all of them, but I've tried to restrain myself.

Of course I chose Dramatify partly because of my interest in movies. Also, it's not entirely unrelated to my work on Screenplain. (It's possible that I'll find some mutual benefits between these two projects.) Dramatify works closely with the production companies in the beta tests, which is very inspiring.

I'm looking forward to improving the service!

Read about me joining on Dramatify's blog.

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