Not one of those posts

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 12 December 2012

You know when you visit a web site, and on the front page the latest news item goes something like, "I'm sorry there have been no updates here lately. I have been busy with real life, but I promise I'll post more frequently in the future." Posted in 2009.

This is not one of those posts.

But it's been a while.

I have been busy. Here's a summary of the updates:

  • I started my own business as a freelance programmer (or consultant/contractor but that doesn't sound as creative).
  • I got an assignment at Goo Technologies.
  • I got stuck at Goo because it's a great company and now I work there as the Head of Development.
  • I participated in Ludum Dare 24 and failed.
  • I took a course in Artificial Intelligence at edX. I really recommend that course. This form of distance learning works very well.
  • I changed the engine behind this blog from Jekyll to nanoc. It's still a statically generated site, but nanoc is faster and more flexible. This may mean that the site's feed will have gotten what looks like lots of unread articles.

And if you see this post at the top of the front page some time in 2015, you're allowed to punch me. Just not that hard. And not in the face.

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