Prioritizing Screenplain features

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 22 July 2012

I got an email with the question when I'm going to implement the following features in Screenplain. (Screenplain is a utility I made for converting a movie screenplay from a simple text file to a good looking format.)

  • Output as text and PDF
  • Title page output
  • Notes

My current plans are as follows:

Notes will be the first one I'll implement, as that is required to support Fountain completely. It's a pretty simple fix, so there are no excuses.

Title page output shouldn't be too much work to implement. I'm not 100% sure how it should look, so it will require some research.

Output as text and PDF is more complicated, especially PDF, as the logic for where the page breaks should appear can be pretty complex.

I'm working on Screenplain in my spare time while I'm starting my own business as a contractor, so it's difficult to say how much time I'll have for working on it. If you have suggestions for what I should focus on, please let me know as I prioritize the work based on the input I get. That's why I made FDX output higher priority than PDF in the first place!

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