Screenplain towards 1.0

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 26 February 2012

Screenplain is a utility I made for converting a movie screenplay from a simple text file to a good looking format.

Since my previous post SPMD, Screenplain and Marked, the specification of the text format has changed somewhat since screenwriter John August joined the collaborative effort of creating a simple text format for screenplays. It also has changed its name from Screenplay Markdown to Fountain, which as you can see has its own web site now.

Screenplain now can read and understand most features of the Fountain format. Here’s a screenshot of the HTML output from a document with sections, which allow you to structure your screenplay:

Thanks to Jonathan Poritsky for the work on the CSS for Screenplain’s HTML output.

Try Screenplain online or download the code from Github. The code is still work in progress, but it can be used today as a command-line program. It can also be used as a library, but the API may change, so I don’t guarantee that it’s stable yet.

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