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Posted by Martin Vilcans on 20 May 2011

Statistics is more interesting than you might think, at least when it is about things that affect you. I have been using Google Analytics on this site since April 2007, so I have gathered some data about what posts visitors read, what keywords they used to find it, where they are from and what browser they are using. Sometimes the statistics surprise you.

Here's the list of my most popular blog posts since April 2007. (The total number of pageviews is in parenthesis.)

  1. 28 Feb 2008 » Make3D Creates 3D Models from Photos (2570)
  2. 06 Dec 2007 » Fotowoosh released as Facebook app (1609)
  3. 17 Aug 2009 » Jekyll: Blogging like a hacker (1140)
  4. 14 Jun 2009 » How to enable remote desktop on headless Mac (1091)
  5. 01 Feb 2008 » The Real Problem with Software Piracy (1004)
  6. 08 Aug 2007 » The Confusing Mouseover (723)
  7. 16 Jan 2009 » The frame rate of the universe (637)
  8. 14 Jun 2008 » Set maximum threads in Blender! (578)
  9. 26 Feb 2009 » Meme time: Wikipedia album generator (520)
  10. 26 Apr 2008 » 3D Movies - Mainstream or Gimmick? (474)

From the top two posts, it's obvious that creating 3D models from photos is a popular subject.

It's a bit depressing to see that nothing I've written here since 2009 has been very popular. But then again, these are accumulated statistics over a long time, and it's natural that older posts have had the time to get more views.

At least those posts reflect the content of this blog pretty well. That is, it's very unfocused. The only post I'm not very happy about being on this list is The Confusing Mouseover, because the only reason that it's popular is that lots of people google Microsoft Powerpoint. Perhaps I should set up robots.txt so that search engines don't index that page to avoid disappointing people. Or I could use that Google juice to promote my own alternative to Powerpoint. I just need to create one.

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