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Posted by Martin Vilcans on 17 November 2010

I find podcasts a convenient way to get information when I don't have my hands and eyes free to read a book or browse the web.

Here are the podcasts about programming that I'm currently subscribed to.

FLOSS Weekly (RSS feed)

Randal Schwartz and co-hosts interview people in the free/open source software community. The target audience is obviously pretty technical, as they often talk about programming-related subjects. Since I am pretty technical, I don't mind, but to make free/open source software more popular among non-techies, a podcast with a user perspective would complement this very well. But perhaps only technical people listen to podcasts to begin with, I don't know.

Software Engineering Radio (feed)

Two German guys talk about serious software development. As you might guess, it does get a bit dull sometimes. They do have some interesting guests and subjects though, so it's worth a listen. Since they often discuss fundamental topics instead of the latest fad, this podcast would be a good listen for someone wanting to break into software engineering.

Hanselminutes (feed)

I don't usually program for Windows specifically, and never for .Net, but this podcast is so well done that I enjoy it anyway. Many episodes are not about Windows development at all, and those are of course the most interesting ones.

So, what are your favourite podcasts? I'd like to listen to more good ones, so I appreciate tips.

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