Long time no see

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 15 November 2007

If you read my last post, which is almost two months old, you might think that I got lost in Facebook and have had no time for blogging. Which I'm glad to say is not the whole truth. While it's certainly possible to lose lots of time on Facebook (like this guy), I've actually spent some of my spare time on more productive stuff. I've held a seminar together with a colleague which was an introduction to Python. I've also been working on a hobby project in Django, which is a very nice Python-based web application framework. And I've written an article about Django, which will be published in issue 1/2008 of the Swedish magazine Datormagazin. The article is in Swedish of course.

Speaking of languages, my eight month son recently started to say "dad". Often in long sentences like "Dad, dad, dad, dada, da, dad". Which is a bit strange. I've tried to make him say "pappa" for months, but when he starts speaking it's in English instead. I guess we made the trip to North America when he was at an impressionable age this summer.

Anyway, things are starting to calm down now. In a few weeks I will go on parental leave. I have no idea of how much time I'll have left for my hobby projects. I don't want to make the common mistake that fathers who go on parental leave do; to think that parental leave is some kind of holiday and plan lots of projects. Some people say that taking care of a child is a full time job. I guess they are right. Some people say that it wonderful. I guess they are right too.

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