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Posted by Martin Vilcans on 4 August 2007

I just started a blog at Blogspot or Blogger or whatever it is called now. I also evaluated Wordpress, which seemed better in some respects, but they charge a small extra for features such as the ability to edit layout and CSS. So although I am a little bit worried about Google's dominance over the Internet, I chose their site.

The new blog is for the things that I come to think of that are funny or interesting to me, but wouldn't fit this blog. Most of the time that is because these kinds of weird things I come to think of are only interesting or possible to understand for a Swedish audience, so it wouldn't make sense to write it in English. The new blog is also much less serious and funny, at least if you share my strange humour.

So here it is: Martin ljuger. As the name suggests (it means Martin is lying), not everything in it has a very strong connection to reality.

I will of course continue to update this blog with my thoughts, work and experiments in software development, game development, filmmaking, photography, graphics and more.

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