makes me feel stupid

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 6 March 2007

As I use several computers, I needed a place to store my bookmarks online, so recently I started to use I didn't want to install their plugins, but they have bookmarklets that I can use for setting the bookmarks. I found them easily when I registered my account, but for the second computer I had big problems finding the page with the bookmarklets, even though I knew that it existed and what it looked like. On the third computer, I had to search for several minutes to find it, because I had forgetten where I found it the second time. This makes me feel stupid, and one of the basic rules in human-computer interaction design is to not make the user feel stupid. That's why it's the design of the site that is stupid, not me. Who would expect the only link to a feature to be hidden on the Help page?

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