Poor loser

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 27 November 2006

I'm not usually a poor loser. In fact, I seldom consider myself a loser at all. But the results from the 72 Hour Game Development Competition were quite disappointing. After playing the other submissions I was pretty sure I would end up in the top third at least. Many of the submissions were badly balanced, difficult to control or had a bad connection to the theme, while my game had a simple and progressingly difficult gameplay, simple controls and a strong connection to the theme. Who can resist a simple game with cutish retro-style vector graphics and innovative physics-based gameplay (I admit that Loco Roco was an inspiration)? Quite a few obviously. While I'm happy of the 2.43 score on sound considering I didn't have any; 4.71 overall!? Come on!

Oh well. Better luck next time.

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