The 72 Hour Game Development Competition

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 20 November 2006

Use the power of the magnetic force! Guide perfectly spherical metal balls through an increasingly complex world of physical interactivity! Gape in amazement as you discover new ways to utilize the power right at your fingertips!

Oh... er... I guess I'll need to work on my marketing skills.

Anyway, I made an entry to the 72 Hour Game Development Competition this weekend. As I had "real" work to do as well, it was more like a 48 hour competition for me.

The theme was "magnets", and I made a puzzle game with electromagnets called "The Attractive Game". You know, magnets attract. Get it?

You can download the game from the competition site:

Be warned that it is a bit unpolished and too short (it needs more levels). I will probably add a few more levels soon (considering "soon" to be very relative sometimes) and perhaps make a release that is a bit more polished and easier to install. I'll post here again when I do that, so subscribe to my RSS feed to get notified.

To play it you need a Python distribution (such as ActivePython for Windows). Also, you need to install pygame.

As I was short on time, I couldn't polish the game as much as I would have liked. I spent a lot of time on making the tools for making levels, so I could produce levels relatively quickly, but as I was out of time in the end I only had time to produce a few. Being more than one member in the team would have helped here I guess.

All in all it was an interesting experience. Being used to working on projects that span several months to over a year, taking parts in these kind of competitions is a quick fix for the sense of completion. It's also interesting to see that it's possible to make good games in a short time.

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