Video marathon

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 8 November 2006

This weekend I participated in the Videomarathon in Stockholm (Swedish site). It's a competition where you make a short film in 24 hours plus 8 hours of editing on a specific theme that's announced in the beginning of the competition. At first I had no idea of what to do when the theme "taboo" was announced, but in the end I remembered an old idea I had that fit the theme perfectly. Our small team worked in a relaxed manner but the limited time was not a problem. In the end the film turned out very well. In fact it has been nominated for a prize.

I like these kind of short competitions as they let you concentrate on a task for a short time, and get the reward - the finished product - very soon, compared to the several months it normally takes to finish something, be it professionally or a hobby project. And now there's a new 72 hour game development competition coming up. I'm tempted.

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