Ono sucks big time

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 13 June 2006

I just found out that my new cable-based Internet connection at home doesn't work with Skype. I didn't understand what the problem was at first, but today I found this entry which (as far as my limited Spanish knowledge tells me) says that my ISP simply filters Skype traffic. I guess it is to sell their own VoIP service instead. I read somewhere else that they filter P2P filesharing as well, which I don't mind very much; it saves bandwidth for more important stuff. For some reason it also seems like they filter FTP.

So unfortunately, I can not recommend Ono. In fact, they really suck. But an Internet connection that sucks is better than no Internet connection at all I guess...

EDIT: After a few months I tried to use Skype again, and then it worked. Perhaps Ono changed something, who knows, but it made me happy again!

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