Game development contests

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 6 June 2006

Two new game development contests have been announced recently. As I like challenges, I like contests, but most of the time participating in one doesn't fit my plans. Perhaps this time it will, but I'll need to find a team too. (And get that damn Internet connection at home.)'s fifth Four elements contest has its deadline on November 30th. To submit a game, it must contain all the required elements. This year they are: Emotion, Economics, Emblem and Europe. The elements makes me think about WWII strategy games, but it sure is possible to make something totally different.

There will be a new 72 hour game development competition on the 14th to 17th of July. This one is especially interesting since it requires concentrated effort during a short time. I like that. I guess that is the reason I actually enjoy short periods of crunch time.

By the way, today is Sweden's national day. And here I am in Barcelona, missing Stockholm's cool air, unpredictable weathre and empty beaches... NOT! :-)

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