At the Stockholm Film Festival

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 26 November 2005

I've seen a few movies at the Stockholm Film Festival. Here's the list and brief comments.

Links are to IMDB:

The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes - lovely cinematography in a dreamlike scenery. Unfortunately rather dull and pointless.
The Myth - Well, it's Jackie Chan, and he does his thing. It's entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.
Edmond - This is an adaptation of a play, which shows in the long dialogue sequences. It's about a white upper-middle class man who totally loses it and goes on a rampage. Comparisons with Falling Down are unavoidable, but Edmond is the more interesting of the two.
Storm - This is an odd mix of dark sci-fi, Stockholm comedy, and social realism. Think of it like a mix of The Matrix, Vuxna människor and Fucking Åmål. Someone on IMDB mentioned that you get the feeling that the directors tries to cram every movie idea they have into one film, which is a good description. Still, it is very enjoyable, though not very coherent. What's most interesting is that a film like this got made, which is very promising for the future of Swedish film. Enough with the Beck movies now please!

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