Posted by Martin Vilcans on 4 November 2005

Yesterday I watched the short film Broken that I ordered a while ago. While the story doesn't make complete sense and doesn't give very clear answers, the production design, videography and the special effects create an amazing atmosphere. Today I watched most of the bonus material (which are the primary reason I bought it). The DVD is produced a little bit in the Robert Rodriguez style, targeting low-budget filmmakers (and wannabes), providing tips on how to produce a low-budget action/effects movie. There is a lot of material, but I'd like it to be more in-depth. For example, instead of a two-second clip showing the layers of a compositing effect, I'd want to see a slow and complete breakdown each layer layer as it is added, with audio commentary. Instead of just mentioning that they spent a lot of creativity on the marketing, I'd like to know exactly what they did. So while the bonus material is a bit more of a "film school" than the ones normally found on mainstream DVDs, I think they could have done more with it. Still, it's definitely worth watching.

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