Visit to the American East Coast

Posted by Martin Vilcans on 18 July 2005

This saturday I returned from a two-week trip to the American east coast. I visited Toronto, Washington DC and New York. Toronto was really nice, and seems to be a very interesting city if you're into movies and theatre. Many Hollywood productions are filmed in Toronto, and I actually stumbled upon the set of a production (at the City Hall if I'm not mistaken). I have no idea about movie it was, but it was a Fox production. I went to see one play at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Unfortunately the festval begun the day before I had to leave for Washington DC.

Washington DC was nice as well, but I didn't do anything special there, just visiting people and doing the required tour of all the memorials and monuments. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum was good too.

In New York, there is the Museum of the Moving Image which explains how movies work. Lots of interactive stations and plenty of old cameras and projectors on display. On the ground floor they have a collection of old and new computer and video games to play. Among the old ones is playable cabinet versions of Ms Pacman, Pole Position and Asteroids (with oscilloscope-like vector graphics!). The new games mostly includes "physical" games, such as Donkey Konga, dance mat games etc, which is a good idea since most people don't have such equipment at home.

Also, I have to mention the "kinetic sculpture" 42nd Street Ballroom which is in the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It kept my interest for more than half an hour. Unfortunately it is quite old and would need some touching up. There are very bad photos of it here.

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